Custom Injection Molding

Midwest Plastic Engineering is primarily a custom injection molder.  Our facility has 31 injection presses with clamp tonnage ranging from 75 to 850.  Throughout our company history, we have purchased every machine brand new, and have continually maintained and rebuilt the presses to keep them in pristine condition.  Some of the older presses have also had upgrades performed on their control systems to allow them to run even the most intricate and complex parts.

In addition to our continual machine maintenance and upgrades, we also have replacement screw and barrel assemblies for every press, which allows us to minimize any potential downtime due to screw or barrel wear.

Throughout the nearly 40 years of injection molding history, we have processed nearly every type of plastic in use today.  Those materials include unfilled and filled materials such as polypropylene and polyethylene, rigid and flexible PVC, ABS and nylon.  We also have extensive knowledge and experience in processing engineering grade materials such as polysulfone, polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), acrylics and polycarbonates, PA/PP alloys, and PBT/PC alloys.

Midwest Plastic Engineering also has a diverse customer base that has allowed a steady growth throughout the years.  Some of the various marketplaces that Midwest Plastic Engineering is a supplier to include aerospace, appliance, automotive (Tier 2 supplier level), explosion proof lighting, HVAC, heavy truck, industrial cleaning equipment, and telecommunications.